Windsong Wines


Cellar Door/Gallery – 370 Clements Road, Langhorne Creek 5255

Great wine starts in the vineyard and we love our vines.

Our first vines were planted in 2002 and we let them develop slowly for the first years before producing our first vintage in 2007.

Some vineyards have winery dogs – we have vineyard chickens which eat the earwigs and provide us with fresh eggs!

We have become part of the eco-vineyard movement to encourage beneficial insects, planting hundreds of native plants to strengthen biodiversity, reduce spraying and provide homes for birds and micro-bats.

We encourage small berries on small bunches to maximise the intense natural flavours.

It is all about beauty. Our philosophy is to capture the of Langhorne Creek in our wine while keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible.

We treasure our vines, soils and vegetation. In addition to grapes we also grow about fifty other varieties of fruit including apples and pears, plums, peaches, quinces, loquats, almonds, pomegranates, cherries, oranges, mulberries, figs and olives. These enrich our lives and our wine.

Our grapes are tended to carefully and our vineyard is a diverse ecosystem. Grapes stay close to home with crushing and winemaking completed within 15km of the vineyard.

The heart of Windsong Wines is sharing the beauty of Langhorne Creek so we encourage you to come and visit our slice of paradise in person or through our wines.

Phone:  0401 715 895